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From Camera Shy to Camera Confident

Are you worried about how you look or sound on screen?

Do you hate being on camera?

Feel you don't have the right techniques & presentation skills?

Cringe when you hear the words, "Let's take a photo!"?

Does your stomach feel tied in knots and do you wish a big hole would come along and just swallow you up? 
Do you always stand at the back and try to look inconspicuous?  
Is the thought of being in a video ten times worse than having your photo taken?
Would you like to change that?
Is it time for you to move to the front and be seen?!
If it is then I'd love to help you!
With my professional, expert guidance
YOU can be an Awesome ViDEO Star!

It's time for YOU to get confident on camera with my...

*From Camera Shy to  Camera Confident Online Course*

*From Camera Shy to Camera Confident 1:1 Coaching*

This is for you if -

  • You want to feel confident in front of the camera or you have the confidence but need the technique!

  • You want to be ready to post a short ViDEO online about you and your business

  • You want to let the world see who you are!


  • You want to reach more customers and clients 


From Camera Shy to Camera Confident Online Course

Please note this online course is currently being upgraded.

1:1 coaching is available

What you get - 

  • A short course that maximises your valuable time

  • Work at your own pace AND/OR join one of the 5 Day Challenges


  • Repeat the course as many times as you want

  • Get expert guidance in the privacy of your own home


  • A safe and friendly environment to post your ViDEOs in for group support and feedback


  • No expensive equipment required, only a smart device (tablet or phone) or web cam and access to the internet

How we work together - 

  • You get a Workbook to download and work through before your course

  • 12 short ViDEOs, each with an easy exercise to do and with hints and tips to help you


  • An Exercise book to download and use along with the course


  • Email reminders to keep you on track


  • A safe and friendly Facebook group where you can post your ViDEOs

Your investment: tbc

From Camera Shy to Camera Confident  1:1 Coaching

Some clients call me their Camera Confidence Coach

Are you ready to find out why?!

This is for you if you're looking for


1:1 Professional Feedback and Direction

What you get - 

  • Professional support from an ex-BBC Director who used to be extremely camera shy so totally understands how you feel!

  • A Session Tailored to you and your specific questions, concerns, anxieties and requirements

  • Confidentiality as you explore your fears and your capabilities in your own home

  • Effective Strategies to deal with nerves and anxieties

  • Proven Techniques to help you know and understand how to present yourself on camera



NOTE: No expensive equipment required, only a smart device (tablet or phone) or web cam and access to the internet

How we work together - 

  • We'll have a 90 minute call on Zoom

  • We'll discover what's really holding you back


  • I'll assess your requirements


  • We'll work together to improve your Presentation Skills and Techniques


  • I'll give you the direction you need so that you're ready to record a short piece to camera


Your investment: £199


Contact me HERE to start your journey From Camera Shy to Camera Confident! 

Julie helped me create a video for my website and social media. She knew that I was a reluctant subject, being more comfortable directing than being the focus of attention. However Julie prepared me really well and made it all very easy, and in no time we had recorded something that I felt happy with. I would heartily recommend Julie’s services.
Jen Wood
Jen Wood Wellbeing

If you have any questions about what's best for you then contact me HERE.
Let's get you started with your ViDEO Ventures!

Julie x

Important Stuff You Need to Know!

Working Hours

In general, my working hours are usually Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm although I can be available outwith these times.  I will do my best to accommodate your requirements.  

Bookings & Cancellations

If you need to cancel, please give at least 24 hour's notice and we will reschedule our call/meeting.

If I need to cancel, I will give you as much notice as possible and we will reschedule our call/meeting.  Refunds will not be given.

Your Privacy

New guidelines have been given in the UK regarding people's privacy and data protection (GDPR). 

Please be assured that I take your privacy and data protection very seriously. 

I will never sell your details to a 3rd party.

You can find out more in my Privacy Policy here.


Please be advised that Julie Neilson Media has no affiliate links and takes no responsibility for any software, apps or equipment bought by clients on their recommendation.

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