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From Camera Shy to Camera Confident



Do you cringe when you hear the words, "Let's take a photo!"?

Does your stomach feel tied in knots and do you wish a big hole would come along and just swallow you up?
Do you always stand at the back and try to look inconspicuous?
Is the thought of being in a video ten times worse than having your photo taken?
Would you like to change that?
Is it time for you to
move to the front and be seen?!
If it is then I'd love to help you!

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This course is specifically for you if you feel daunted by the thought of getting in front of a camera but at the same time know that it would really benefit your business if you could just do it!  If that sounds like you then read on!


Because I've directed professional presenters, celebrities, members of the public and children too, I have plenty of experience when it comes to getting the best out of people when they're in front of the camera - and I so want to use those skills to help you too! 


And you know what?  As a Director, I always preferred being behind the camera so I've had to push myself out of MY comfort zone and move in front of the camera so that I can help YOU to do the same!  So I know exactly how you feel!

That's why I've designed this course with easy, baby steps to move you away from fear and help you to focus on the little things that will really help you to start your journey in front of the camera. 

[PLEASE NOTE: This course is currently being upgraded and a bigger, fuller and more comprehensive course will soon be available!]

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This course has 5 easy exercises for you to do, each outlined in it's own short, simple videoIn each video, I will walk you through the exercise with handy tips and hints to help you get in front of the camera with an increasing amount of confidence.  By the end of this course, you should feel ready to start your video ventures and post a short video online about you and your business!


There's also a friendly and helpful Facebook group for you to join where you can post your exercise videos and get some constructive feedback from others doing this course. 


And you don't need any special equipment - simply view each course video, use a 'phone, laptop or camera to record your video exercise and upload it to our Facebook group!  Easy as that!  

So, if you're worried about getting in front of a camera but really feel that you should, then worry no more and look no further because I'm here to help you!

Sign up for this course now and

change your life!


Let me help you move from being

Camera Shy to Camera Confident!

Julie Neilson Media will collect, store and use your data but never sell it to a third party. 

You can find out more in our Privacy Policy here.

"The content was straightforward and easy to follow.  The Facebook group was useful to see others and get feedback."  Rhian, Beta Group

"I liked the fact the videos were short and there was great value in the short time."

Emma, Beta Group

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