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My One Is Bigger Than Yours! Nah, Nah, Nah Nah Nah!

If I cast my mind back to playground days or just listen to my kids in their sparring moments, those old taunts remind me of a happy childhood, running about in the street, playing games in the graveyard (yes, the graveyard! what were we thinking?!) and generally having fun and having a laugh. However, that said, as adults those taunts can be in the back of our minds, buried deep but affecting us just the same. Don’t we just love it when we have some bright, new, shiny, techie toy, car or equipment that we can show off? Don’t we sometimes feel just a tinge of envy when a friend or colleague shows up with just the thing we’ve been dying to get our hands on? Whether it’s a new laptop, desk or piece of tech, machinery or even stationery for our business, do we still sometimes have that feeling of satisfaction which can in turn increase our confidence?

Will the equipment or stationery save us?

But do we really need all that stuff to do well in our business? Whether it’s a matter of confidence or expertise, will the equipment or the stationery save us? You’ve probably heard the expression, “a bad workman blames his tools”. Believe me, we can still do a good and even a great job without having all the ‘things’. We can pride ourselves in our skills and expertise without relying on material objects to boost our confidence.

If it’s good enough for the broadcasters…

In the world of video, of course, the stakes can be high. Not content with 4K, 8K is coming up fast in the world of high end production but it’s not cheap and it certainly isn’t needed for a small business touting for work and brand awareness or selling their wares on their website or social media. At the other end of the video spectrum is the not so humble mobile phone. Many people can produce perfectly adequate videos on a decent mobile these days - although you do need to watch out for, in particular, poor quality sound which can be a bit off-putting. I heard David Dimbleby not so long ago, commenting on the quality of some footage and saying that anyone would think it had been recorded on a particular brand of phone (it has the 9th letter of the alphabet in it’s name…), which of course it had. And an inside source has witnessed professional broadcasters recording at least some of their on-line content on certain pads and phones. So, if it’s good enough for the broadcasters, it should be good enough for the amateurs.

Raw and gritty video…

With videos for small businesses, it’s not so much a matter of the equipment but more what you do with it and what you want it to do for you! It all comes back to knowing your market and the message that you want to convey. If you’re looking for immediate, raw and gritty video work then by all means head for your mobile but if you want the smooth, professional message then head for the professionals! Me, I’m in the middle ground where small businesses often flourish best so, if I can help you and your business, get in touch, I’d love to help you!

Whether you want to make your own video or have it produced for you,

Julie Neilson Media can help you to harness the power of video. So get in touch and visualise YOUR business!

Fully insured and a member of Disclosure Scotland’s PVG Scheme Membership.

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