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Special Events

I hope you enjoyed our most recent bank holiday weekend! You may have noticed, that there was a pretty big event happening in London and Windsor and apparently around the UK.

Whatever you think about the King’s coronation – and I’m not going into that here – it does bring up some aspects that you could, perhaps, apply to your business.

So, with the Coronation, there was lots of publicity, lots of marketing and a real buzz created around the whole thing. Granted, not all of it was positive but we’re just going to stick with the positive side of things today – because that’s how we roll!

So, are you doing the same thing with your business? Not rolling – but giving it lots of publicity, marketing and creating a real buzz?

Your Business is a Special Event!

Because you can treat your business like a special event.

You don’t need to be hosting a special event – but obviously if you are, then talk about it and big it up! Make sure everyone knows about it!

If you’ve got a milestone coming up, share that, talk about it and let people celebrate with you.

But, even without special events or milestones, you can

  • Let people know what you’re up to

  • Let people know what’s new

  • Share what’s going on behind the scenes

  • And Talk about your special guests and who has those starring roles!

And that’s just for starters!

What Are You Up To?!

What might potentially seem routine and common place and even boring to you, could be really interesting for your Target Audience.

So, happily share what you’re up to.

Is it a Production, a Coaching, a Marketing or an Admin day today, for example. Tell us about it!

Where are you and what are you up to? We want to know!

And What’s New?

Have you got a new product or service coming up or coming out?

You don’t need to wait until it’s ready before you can start talking about it. Start telling people about it now and pique their interest.

Are you working with a new client or in a new location? Let us know!

I found a number of things to say about getting a new laptop – a potentially boring topic – but it’s something that most people can relate to and it did throw up some things that I could share.

So, what’s new with you and your business? Tell us about it!

Behind The Scenes

And what’s going on behind the scenes?

This, of course, can be closely related to What’s Happening and What’s New but you might be able to go into a bit more detail with behind the scenes ViDEOs.

Don’t simply talk to us about what’s happening – show us! And show us more!

We’re curious creatures and we want to see what’s going on and how it’s done.

So, what are you making and how are you doing it? What materials do you need?

How often do you feed or groom your animals? How do you prepare their feed?

What do you need and how do you prepare before clients arrive for treatments?

How much research and what else do you do before you can produce a piece of written work for your clients?

Where do you work, what do you use, how do you do it?

All these types of questions and more can feed into your behind the scenes ViDEOs.

Who Are the Special Guests?

Who are the special guests and celebrities in your business? And I don’t mean you need to have Hollywood A-listers knocking on your door, nice as that might be!

You could talk about clients you’ve enjoyed working with or who you’re currently working with – remember to get testimonials from them!

If you’re dealing with confidentiality issues, you could talk generally about how you’ve been helping someone and share in a way that doesn’t break any confidentiality codes.

And are you collaborating with anyone right now? Ooh, how exciting! We want to know! Who is it? How did you meet each other? What sort of thing are you going to be working on together – or is it a secret?! You can tell us if it is!

Who are you aiming to help?

What type of clients and customers are you looking for?

Tell your Target Audience – it might encourage them to work with you or send other people your way.

If you have people who work for or with you, tell us about them.

Who’s on your team? Maybe we’d like to get to know them.

And, of course, we definitely want to get to know you!

Always remember the Know, Like & Trust part of marketing your business!

I’m not going to let you forget that!

So, tell us about the special guests and the celebrities in your business!

And, of course, you’re the Awesome ViDEO Star of your business so definitely make sure you’re in the spotlight!

How Much?

And of course, the big question that lots of people have been asking, is, How much is it going to cost?

What’s the cost of putting on the event and how much are the tickets?

Now, you don’t need to share your costs with your Target Audience but I would suggest that you be very clear and upfront about your pricing.

And the good thing is that by producing some of the ViDEOs I’ve been talking about here, you should be able to demonstrate the fantastic value of your products and services.

Not to mention illustrating your skills and expertise – so who wouldn’t want to work with you?!

You have an amazing business - so make sure that people know about it and know about you too! (Not the band U2 - about you, as well...)

I hope that’s given you some food for thought.

Let me know what you think and let me know if you’d like some help.

Remember that it’s never too late to start using ViDEO and

YOU Really Can Be An

Awesome ViDEO Star!

You know where I am if you need me.

Julie x

PS I presented this live as one of my Tuesday Chats in my FREE Facebook group, Be Seen Be Heard Be Known! You're very welcome to join if you'd like to!


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