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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week and I wonder if you’ve considered just how much ViDEO can help your mental health as well as your business!

I did a Tuesday Chat in my (free) Facebook group, Be Seen Be Heard Be Known! about this last year but I think it’s worth revisiting as, obviously, our mental health is something that we should all be taking care of and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it either.


So, first of all, what happens if we don’t use ViDEO for our business?

Apart from all the business we might be missing out on – because we’re not reaching those potential clients & customers – not using ViDEO might create some negative thoughts and feelings.

It might be weighing on your subconscious.

If you feel you should be doing something – and you’re not doing it – that’s going to weigh on your mind.

When you see other people out there, doing what you know, or think, you should be doing, there will be, at some level, feelings of guilt.

You might, subconsciously, feel that you’re not good enough, you’re not doing enough or that you’re inadequate in some way.

Or it might simply mean that you increase your stress levels because there’s something else that you know you should be doing.

So, there are definitely some disadvantages to NOT using ViDEO.

And that’s all sounding a bit negative BUT what if you avoid those disadvantages and DO produce some ViDEOs?


Making ViDEOs gives you the opportunity to do something creative – even if it’s a simple piece to camera.

Because you need to plan what kind of ViDEO you want to make.

You have to think about how you’re going to produce it.

And you need to write a script or at least come up with ideas about what you want to talk about or what your content is going to be.

That’s all going to get your creative juices flowing – which is always a feel good.

It also means, as you use the creative parts of your mind, that you’re focussing on something positive and being mindful rather than letting your mind wander into any negative thoughts.

And you can use ViDEO making as a creative outlet to talk about your goals and aspirations for yourself and for your business. That’s going to create even more positivity.


And in creating your ViDEOs, you can take pride in knowing that it’s a job well done – and I don’t mean it has to be perfect, often the best ViDEOs aren’t!

But if you’ve set yourself a goal, planned the steps and then got something to show at the end of it, you get the gratification of knowing that you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

Which will get those endorphins racing around your system.

And it will all boost your confidence and your self-esteem.

Especially, if like me, you’ve ever felt camera shy – to be able to stand in front of a camera, feeling comfortable and confident – that’s huge!


And of course, if you’re learning new skills in terms of presenting, recording – maybe with lights and sound, for example – with editing and post production – that all contributes to your self-development.

And of course, this self-development can also help to boost your self-esteem and confidence, it can enhance your problem-solving abilities and it can give you a sense of command and control as you master more and more skills.

That’s going to relieve any feelings of hopelessness or despair or anxiety as you start to feel more in control of things.

You could also be creating more neural pathways in your head as you learn new skills, similar to learning a new language or how to play a musical instrument – and that's said to help reduce the risk of dementia.

And, as you’re learning these new skills, you might become more self-aware as you discover which areas you find easy or difficult and you begin to look at how you feel and how you behave, perhaps when you’re presenting on camera, for example or using new technology.

That self-awareness can open up realisations about your emotions and your thought patterns which you can then work towards understanding and dealing with, if need be.


As you share your ViDEOs, you’ll find that people will respond – with feedback, with questions or answers, with likes or with general comments.

So, those ViDEOs allow you to communicate and connect with a community – all the ‘C’s there!

And that can impact on your mental health because if you can create a community, if you can open up those lines of communication, you might just find some like-minded people to interact with.

That’s going to give you some sense of belonging and hopefully reduce any feelings of loneliness and isolation that can often accompany mental health issues.

And if you pre-record some ViDEOs, you can post them at any time even when you’re perhaps feeling a bit low – and the response from your community, from your Target Audience, might just give you the lift that you need at that time.


And it’s not just your mental health that will benefit – your business will too!

That community I was talking about?

Those people, your Target Audience, are going to get to see more of you.

They’re going to have the opportunity to get to Know, Like & Trust you (I always manage to sneak that in somewhere!)

They’ll find out more about you, as a person – are you someone they want to work with?

They’ll discover not only who you are, but what your values are, what your brand stands for and how you can help them.

And you’ll be able to tell from the reaction to your ViDEOs what your Target Audience does and doesn’t like, need and want. It’s a good way to get feedback and to be able to listen to your Target Audience.

And if you can reach more people, you can help more people with whatever it is that you have to offer – that in turn should lead to more sales, which should feel good as your business becomes more successful – and you should also be creating greater feelings of job satisfaction and fulfilment too. All positives!

So, all in all, I’d say creating ViDEOs is pretty good for your mental health and for your business!

You can use ViDEO production to relieve stress, to be more mindful, to increase your personal development and to establish a community.

That’s not bad for something that you could create in just a few minutes using your mobile phone.

I hope that’s given you some insights to help with your ViDEO Ventures. I'd love to know what you think.

And remember - it’s never too late to start using ViDEO and –

YOU really can be an Awesome ViDEO Star!

You know where I am if you need me.

Take care, stay safe and well & bye for now!

Julie x

PS this was delivered live as a Tuesday Chat in my free Facebook group, Be Seen Be Heard Be Known! which you're very welcome to join HERE


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