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How We Can Work Together


(For Workshops, see Events page HERE)


*Resolve & Solve Session*

*From Camera Shy to Camera Confident*

(online course currently being upgraded

1:1 coaching available)


*Your ViDEOs Reviewed*

*Set-Up To Shine: Establish Your Best Shot

for Professional On-Line Networking & ViDEO Recording* 


*The Super ViDEO Strategy Action Plan*


*The Ultimate ViDEO Strategy & Creation Master Plan*



Find out more below...

If you want a successful business
 If you want more customers
If you have products or services that you can showcase -
Get ready to use ViDEO!
And don't worry
if you feel nervous or uncomfortable about ViDEO -
I'm here to help! 


Maybe you don't know where to start with ViDEO -


well, I can give you your starting blocks.



Perhaps you don't know how ViDEO can enhance your business.

I can help you create an awesome ViDEO strategy


that's just right for your business.


It could be that you've started making ViDEOs

but they don't look or sound quite right.

I can let you know what is and isn't working


and how to improve on that!


If you need help with ViDEO,

let me guide you through the process so that

you can create effective and wonderful ViDEOs to

grab the attention of your crowd!

Joy Fraser has experienced coaching with
Julie Neilson Media on more than one occasion.  Here's what she says...

And here's what Jen Wood said about her coaching session with 

Julie Neilson Media...

Resolve & Solve Session

This is for you if -

  • You want to resolve and solve a niggle, a query or a stumbling block that doesn't really fit into any of the coaching packages below

  • You want to overcome a particular problem that's been holding you back

  • You need to ask a question and want to pick the brains of an expert

It's time to deal with whatever the problem is and to move forwards with

Your ViDEO Ventures!

Choose between 1 hour or 30 minute session

Find out more HERE

From Camera Shy to Camera Confident

This is for you if -

  • You want to feel confident in front of the camera or you have the confidence but need the technique!

  • You want to be ready to post a short ViDEO online about you and your business

  • You want to let the world see who you are!


  • You want to reach more customers and clients

You know it's time to step up and be the face of your brand so get ready to lose those nerves, learn the right techniques and change From Camera Shy to Camera Confident!

(Please note: The online course is currently being upgraded however 1:1 coaching is still available.)

Find out more HERE


Your ViDEOs Reviewed

This is for you if -


  • You're getting ready to share your ViDEOs with the world

  • You want some private and professional, detailed feedback and guidance

  • You want to know what's working and what can be improved upon - before you share!

Find out more HERE



Establish Your Best Shot for Professional On-Line Networking & ViDEO Recording

This is for you if you want to -

Look Truly Professional On-Line

Use Tech to Show Off Your Best Side

Avoid Amateurish Mistakes

Sharpen Up Your Image

Find Your Best Look & Sound

Find out more HERE!



This is for you if you want to -


Know how video can help you reach more clients and customers and increase your brand awareness


Feel confident about the different ways you can use ViDEO in and for your business


Create a Strategy Action Plan for your ViDEO content and marketing

Find out more HERE!

The Ultimate ViDEO Strategy & Creation Master Plan


This Is The Ultimate in Personal ViDEO Training!

Spend a day with me (virtually) if you want to - 


Feel confident about using ViDEO in and for your business


Improve the overall success of your ViDEO marketing and content 


Increase your brand awareness


Reach more clients and customers


Grow your business with ViDEO

Create a ViDEO Strategy for your business

Produce a draft script

Record the 1st take of your next ViDEO!


Find out more HERE!

I'm so grateful to Julie for all her help and encouragement in giving me all the coaching and support I needed to get confident creating videos for my business. Julie's years of experience as a BBC video producer and director combine with her kind and gentle but motivating approach that have even the shyest and least tech savvy folk moving along leaps and bound in no time! I have noticed the difference that adding video to my business has made since working with her. I can genuinely say that working with Julie is one of the best things you can do to give your business a boost and seen by your ideal clients. Highly recommended!
Fiona Morris, Nourish and Flourish
I did Julie’s ‘From Camera Shy to Camera Confident’ five day course and absolutely loved it! I’d really recommend it if you struggle with making videos! The little hints and tips throughout taste great and I met the loveliest people too! It’s a great wee boat (boost) to your video confidence doing this course so stop thinking about it and just do it! Plus Julie is so lovely and will really help you feel at ease ❤️
Kirsty Neilson (no, we're not related...)
I am amazed at this course I so recommend to anyone that has a business . Videoing is so important for all businesses. Julie is very expert on what she does. I learnt so many things during the course.
Maralyn Urquhart, Travel Agent
If you're not too sure which Coaching Package is right for you, then please get in touch and I'll help you decide.


You can contact me HERE.
Let's get you started with Your ViDEO Ventures!

Julie x

Important Stuff You Need to Know!

Working Hours

In general, my working hours are usually Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm although I can be available outwith these times.  If these hours don't suit you, do still get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate your requirements.  

Bookings & Cancellations

If you need to cancel, please give at least 24 hour's notice and we will reschedule our call/meeting.

If I need to cancel, I will give you as much notice as possible and we will reschedule our call/meeting.  Refunds will not be given.

Your Privacy

New guidelines have been given in the UK regarding people's privacy and data protection (GDPR). 

Please be assured that I take your privacy and data protection very seriously. 

I will never sell your details to a 3rd party.

You can find out more in my Privacy Policy here.


Please be advised that Julie Neilson Media has no affiliate links and takes no responsibility for any software, apps or equipment bought by clients on their recommendation.

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