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JNM MAY 2020


Hello and Welcome to the

JNM May 2020 ViDEO Challenge!


If you want to reach more clients & customers...

If you're not sure what to post in your social media...


If you want to start using ViDEO for your business...


Then this is The Challenge for you!



Each day, in the Transform Your Awesome Business with  ViDEO Facebook group, I will post a prompt for you.


It's then up to you to use this prompt to Create a ViDEO which relates to your business and which will appeal to your target audience.

Target Audience


Will this be your current clients & customers or those you've yet to reach?! 


It's up to you! 


Why not mix it up a bit and do some for each group?


What Type of ViDEO will you create? 


Again, that's up to you but here are some ideas for you to get started with...



Piece to Camera

You could talk directly to camera, either in a live or pre-recorded ViDEO


OOV - Out of Vision

You could show something whilst speaking off camera

Still Images

Take some photos and put them together to create a ViDEO


Production Time!

Spend some time recording and editing together different moving images

You could also add music and captions to polish off your ViDEOs - just make sure they're copyright free!


Post Your ViDEOs!


Share your ViDEOs in the Transform Your Awesome Business with ViDEO! FB group.  What a great way for us all to get know each other and what we all do!


Post your ViDEOs in your social media posts.  Remember to say that you're doing this as part of the JNM ViDEO Challenge or use the hashtag #JNMChallenge


This challenge is free to join if you're a member of the

Transform Your Awesome Business with ViDEO! Facebook group

so please don't share it with anyone outside the group.

I can't wait to see all your ViDEO Ventures!  Enjoy!


Julie x



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