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Well Done You! 









You've invested in 

Your ViDEOs Reviewed




I believe everybody can harness the power of ViDEO -

and enjoy the whole process too!

You've already started to improve your ViDEO Ventures


By asking for expert feedback and guidance!

So, well done you!


What To Do Now!


For Your ViDEOs Reviewed Coaching, you'll need to


Set up a YouTube channel

Post your first ViDEO on your YouTube channel

Set your ViDEO as 'Unlisted' - that way no-one else will be able to see it

Send a link to your first ViDEO to me at

I'll send you feedback (usually within 24 hours)

Use the feedback to help you with your next ViDEO

Repeat this process until you've had 3 of your ViDEOs expertly reviewed!


The only people to see your ViDEOs will be you and me! (Unless you wish to share them with anyone else...)

By the end of this process, you should be feeling more confident in your ViDEO production 

and ready to show your subsequent ViDEOs to a wider audience!

I can't wait to see your awesome ViDEOs!

Julie x

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