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From Camera Shy to Camera Confident

Add-On Coaching

Do you know how it feels to want to hide away from everyone,

to not want to be seen, not want to be judged or criticised?

Do you always want to sit at the back of the room, never the front?

Do you hate the thought of having your photo taken, never mind being on video?!

Do you hide behind your long hair or baggy clothes?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then know this -

You are not alone!

I've experienced all of the above so I know how you feel.

But honestly, you can overcome this!  I did!

And I can help you too!

That you're here, reading this, tells me that you want things to change!


You want to stop hiding in the shadows and step into the light!

You can do it.


You can do it in stages.


And I really want to help you with your first steps!

From Camera Shy to Camera Confident Add-On Coaching

If you're feeling vulnerable and shy about putting yourself in front of a camera, please know that this is a very normal feeling and one that many people suffer from. 


I can give you private, professional and constructive feedback that will help you to feel confident in front of the camera and ready to move forward with your presentation skills.

What's Involved:


  • Do my From Camera Shy to Camera Confident course.

       (You can find details of the course here)

  • Post your course videos (5 short, easy exercises) on your own YouTube channel. There is a way to do this so that no-one else can find them. 

       If you don't have your own YouTube channel yet, I can help you set one up.


  • Send me the link to each video

       I will, in turn, send you a personal email with the encouragement and professional        insights that you need to help you move forward.


  • Once you start feeling more confident, you can also share your videos in the course Facebook group.


Your Investment: £75 for professional, private feedback. 



Let me help you move from being

Camera Shy to Camera Confident

with that extra special bit of coaching

that will really help you to begin your video ventures!

It's time to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight!

It's time for you to invest in

your business


in yourself!


Julie Neilson Media will collect, store and use your data but never sell it to a third party. 

You can find out more in our Privacy Policy here.

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