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So, we’re definitely into January now and 2017 is well and truly under way. I know some people got all their business planning done at the end of 2016, some people started planning at the beginning of the year and some people have yet to cast their view further afield than getting back into things after Christmas and New Year! If you’re still putting your MARKETING PLAN in place, then you’d be well advised to consider the impact that video can have on your business - and in so many different ways too!

Words and still images just don't reach the same spot!

Imagine how great it would be for potential clients and customers to actually see you in person rather than just buying your products or services on-line. Imagine how those clients would love to hear you tell the story of how your business came to be. Imagine how easy it would be to explain to them exactly how your business can help them. Imagine too, being able to show them your products in detail with the passion and regard they deserve rather using a simple, still picture. You could even show clients how you make your wonderful products in a behind-the-scenes video, without giving away any of your trade secrets of course! All these things can happen so easily in a video where words and still images just don’t reach the same spot.

It doesn't need to cost the earth!

So, when you’re planning your marketing for this year, have a little think about which areas video could help you in – attracting new clients, showcasing your wares, testimonials, behind the scenes and more. And it doesn’t need to cost the earth either! If your budget won’t stand the strain of hiring a professional videographer then consider doing some courses and learn how to do it yourself – I’m currently putting together some courses to help people do just that, so watch this space at

Julie Neilson Media!

Oh, and all the best for 2017, I wish you lots of success and happiness in your business!

Whether you want to make your own video or have it produced for you, Julie Neilson Media can help you to harness the power of video. So, get in touch and visualise YOUR business!

Fully insured and a member of Disclosure Scotland’s PVG Scheme Membership.

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