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So you might have heard recently about a little controversy with Gary Linneker being taken off air by the BBC and a weekend of sports programmes being totally disrupted as other contributors and members of the team refused to work.

Now, I’m not a sports fan – I have been known to watch the odd match if it’s been a biggie but, when it comes to the likes of football or rugby, that’s usually where it ends.

I am, however, in favour of free speech – assuming it’s not with intent to harm or to incite others to cause harm.

I also believe that if you see something that’s wrong, you should be able to speak out and call it as you see it.

And, perhaps controversially, I do love the BBC.

BBC Television, and the people in it, taught me so much when I was there and working my way up the ladder and provided me with some amazing and unforgettable experiences and connections.

At that time, there was a book on editorial guidelines which was fairly sizeable – and that was before social media came on the scene!

As BBC staff, we were taught to be fair, to be impartial and to present and back up with evidence any and all arguments, for and against. These things most definitely weren’t taken lightly!

And I’m all for impartiality but when it comes to a sports presenter tweeting their views on political issues on their personal social media, I don’t have a problem with that.

Yes, Gary Linneker, is presumably a person of influence but unless he’s inciting racism, hatred or violence of any kind, I think he should be able to express his personal views, on his personal social media, as he sees fit.

And do we really want to live in a country where the government, however surreptitiously, quells any criticism of their policies?!

So, what’s all this got to do with ViDEO and YOUR business, you may well ask!

Well, there are a few issues that it raises for us as small business owners.

And I wonder,


When it comes to our own social media content – how much of ourselves should we share?

How much of your personal life, your family life, your hopes, your dreams, your hobbies and yes, your political views, do you want people to know about?

People who are customers and clients – or potential customers and clients.

Do you want them to know about your background?

Where you’ve come from and what you’ve been through?

It might be pertinent if they’re facing problems that you’ve now overcome.

Do you want them to know about your family life?

Again, they might warm to you if they know you have or have had struggles.

We’re all human after all and that could help them relate to you all the more as they learn to Know, Like and Trust you.

And when it comes to your dreams and vision for the future –

Can they be a part of that?

Does it include them?

Could it help them?

Could they support you in your journey?


(or in your ViDEOs?)

And what about your political views?

If you express your political views in your ViDEOS and in your social media content, could that alienate some of your clients or potential customers?

If you feel very strongly about something, for example, the government’s handling of refugees, would you actually be happy working with someone who held opposing views to you?

Or would you prefer to work with like-minded people; people who share your views and your values?

Do you think that perhaps a little bit of controversy could actually help your business and draw like-minded people TO you?

And when I say controversy, I don’t mean you should go out and start doing anything illegal! So, stop right there!

I’m thinking more about you expressing your opinions on what could be controversial matters or putting some of your profits towards a particular cause, for example.

I should also say that there’s no right or wrong here and there’s definitely no one size fits all!

YOU have to make decisions based on your own circumstances, around your own brand and considering YOUR Target Audience.

And I’m not saying that you should bare your soul every time you create a ViDEO for your social media or website BUT if you can emotionalise your information, that is always a powerful method of connecting with your Target Audience.

[I did a ‘Tuesday Chat’ a while ago in my Facebook group, Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Known! on emotionalising your information – you’re welcome to join the group and find out more!]

So, for the record,

I love the BBC

I hate that a major Tory donor is in place there as Chairman

I think sports presenters should be able to say whatever they want in their personal social media - as long as it’s not causing or inciting harm

And I think that freedom of speech and being able to call out any government which is

acting inhumanely is a fundamental and basic principle of democracy.

So there!


How much YOU want to share of yourself and of your views in your ViDEOs and social media content - IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU!

Bear in mind, that for any potential customer or client who turns away, there will be others who turn towards you.

As leaders in our field, perhaps we should all speak up and speak out a bit more.

So, Be the Face of Your Brand!

(In case you didn't realise, this is a wee bit of a passion of mine...)

And let your brand say who you are and what you believe in and what you stand for.

Because that IS important to people and YOUR Target Audience WILL buy from businesses whose values align with their own.

Think about some of the brands that you know and love – or know and hate!

Do you know what they stand for?

Do they have a policy statement that you can read – actually, I don’t I have so that’s something for me to add to my to do list, although I did do a very short ViDEO kind of around that a while ago…

The savvy brands are the ones which wear their heart on their sleeve.

They’ve shown us it can work.

That it can increase their customer loyalty.

And that it can result in increased revenue.

I’m not sure I would have heard of footballer Marcus Rashford without his involvement with FareShare and getting meals to kids living in poverty.

(By the way, I did a short film about FareShare for the BBC many, many years ago and love their ethos!)

I think Gary Linneker has only increased his credibility by standing up for refugees and speaking out against the present government’s policy.

I’m sure you probably buy from some brands, at least partly, because you like what they stand for.

So, next time YOU feel strongly about something, I’d say speak up and speak out and do it as the FACE OF YOUR BRAND!

And do feel free to get in touch and tell me which issues you feel strongly about or which brands you love – or love to hate!

Julie x

PS remember to enjoy your ViDEO Ventures!

I delivered this live as a ‘Tuesday Chat’ in my Facebook group, Be Seen Be Heard Be Known! You’re very welcome to join the group and join in the conversation!


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