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Last week I was in the throes of buying a new laptop.

Don’t get me wrong, this laptop, the one I’m using right now, has been fantastic! It was top of the range when I bought it, especially with the modifications I got, and, it has served me extremely well but it must be about 10 years old now and, sadly, seems to be struggling more and more.

And, I have to say, buying a new laptop has been an interesting process.

A process that might help you with your ViDEOs.

Bear with me and I will explain how!


My first decision was which company to buy a laptop from.

Obviously, there are quite a few out there so, how to choose?

My current laptop, as I said, has served me incredibly well and I would even go so far as to say, I love this laptop!

So, my first decision was to look at the same company because I TRUST their products.

Remember the KNOW, LIKE & TRUST that you might have heard me mention now and again?!

I’d bought from this company before and I was happy to do it again.


Don’t forget about your previous customers and clients!

Remember to reach out to them - they might not be ready to buy from you at the moment, but you want to stay top of mind for them for when they do need you again.


So, the COMPANY was chosen – but how many different MODELS of laptop are there these days, even within the same company?!

How on earth do you know where to start!

Well, I had two routes to the model that I thought would suit me best.

One of my friends had been given a laptop to use when working from home and she told me that everyone in her organisation had been given one of these. Now, this friend would be the first to admit that she is so not a techy person but she rated this laptop pretty highly – which was praise indeed coming from her!

Also, I worked with a client recently who had bought this model for himself and for his team – and I know that he would have done some serious research around his options.

So, great, two recommendations without having to do any work.

But I also checked this company’s website.

I was able to put in various details and filters around my requirements – and lo and behold, it came up with the model I’d been thinking about getting and that I already had two recommendations for.

So far, so good!


Make sure you get, and share, personal recommendations, otherwise known as Testimonials, have lots of helpful information on your website and point customers and clients to the next step in their customer journey.


So, I was almost there.

But then I got down to the nitty gritty detail.

The point at which my computing knowledge was perhaps slightly lacking.

Because even knowing the make and the model wasn’t quite enough.

Which version of that model would be best? (Because obviously there’s more than one version!)

And should I buy off the shelf or should I customise?


And, at this point, I reached out for help.

I knew my knowledge wasn’t good enough, especially when we’re talking about the sum of money involved and I wanted to get this right.

So, I phoned for a chat with one of the company’s advisors.


Think of it as a Discovery Call.

Do you offer those?

Do you have a way for potential customers to easily make contact with you?

And the advisor didn’t have to be all salesy with me; I was already there, I was all set to buy, I simply needed his help with the fine tuning.

What I needed was excellent customer service with some extra knowhow and that is what I got!

Getting that expert knowledge was invaluable to me – and I was able to get it without any commitment to buy on my part.

To sum up this part of the journey, the advisor was able to

Assess my Pain Points – he listened to what I had to say about the problems I was having, and he made sure he understood them.

Discuss my Requirements – he found out which elements were most important to me.

Explain the Jargon – the bits I wasn’t too sure about because that’s not my area of expertise.

Outline the Different Options available to me – we talked about memory and storage and graphics cards, for example.

Examine the Pros and Cons of Various Combinations – would I be better with a travel hub or a port extension? He had the product knowledge and the technical expertise to know how well things would work together.

Help me Future Proof – did I want a touch screen and a precision pen, would that combination of ports be adequate, how much storage and how many drives and so on.

Describe the Benefits available – did I know that as a business I could sign up to their Pro email list and get a sizeable discount and which warranty would give me the best cover for my needs?

I felt Listened To.

I felt Understood.

I felt that I was Being Helped.

I didn’t feel like I was being Sold To.

It felt like this advisor was genuinely trying to create the best combination laptop that was suited to my needs and within my budget.


How do you make your previous, current and prospective customers and clients FEEL?


Would I go back to that company?

I already have because my daughter’s laptop is as old as mine – it belonged to her big brother before she had it – and she really needs something a bit faster and a bit more up to date.

So, I’m going to buy another laptop from this company.

With the help of the same advisor.

This advisor has so much patience; he helps me understand what I don’t know, he’s ok with me going back to him with different questions and he simply makes sure I get what I need.

Obviously, I don’t have the laptop yet and the proof will be in the pudding, as they say, but I’m so pleased with what I’ve been offered, the help I’ve been given, the discount available to me and the whole user journey.


What’s the user journey like for your Target Audience?


So, when you’re thinking about your ViDEO content, think about the user journey for your customers and clients.

Are you helping them at each stage?

Are you showing them that you understand their pain points?

Are you explaining or cutting out the jargon?

Are you giving them different options – that could be on price or in how they work with you, for example?

Are you describing the benefits of working with you – there is only one you so use that to your advantage!

Ensure that your previous, current and prospective customers and clients feel heard and understood and know that you genuinely care, which I’m sure you do!

Now, put all that in your ViDEOs!

(There’s a tonne of content ideas in there for you!)

And Enjoy Your ViDEO Ventures!

And remember that it’s never too late to start using ViDEO and that

YOU really can be an Awesome ViDEO Star!

You know where I am if you need me.

Take care & bye for now!

Julie x

I delivered this as a live presentation in my Facebook group, Be Seen Be Heard Be Known!

You’re very welcome to join the group if you’d like to hear more like this and join the conversation!


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