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When Your Plans Fly Out Of The Window...

Ok, so this week didn’t go quite according to plan. Actually, it didn’t go at all to plan. In fact, it really has been one of THOSE weeks! You know what I mean – when everything just breaks down, doesn’t happen, goes awry and all your plans just fly out of the window like beautiful golden geese heading off for warmer climes. Byeeee. But you know what? That’s ok. Really. It’s helped my business. Let me explain…

So the first thing to ‘go’ was my daughter’s tablet – very upsetting when you want to download a Pokémon Pokédex to use in a school project, I can assure you. So, on-line I went searching for solutions. I found a few, they just didn’t work - at all. I tried them all. Nothing. Every one of them – apart from some that involved soldering! But guess what? I persevered. I tried again and again and again. I didn’t quit. I didn’t throw in the towel. And, almost miraculously (well, maybe that’s a bit strong but it did honestly feel like that at the time!) a few days later, I tried one of the solutions again and yes, you guessed it, it worked! I can’t tell you how many times I’d already tried this particular solution without success but being a determined (or perhaps obstinate, bloody minded and desperate) bod, I kept on at it. My daughter’s relief and excitement were reward enough. Oh, who am I kidding – 10 minutes’ peace to put up my feet and read a book would have made a nice reward. Anyway, I digress… The point is, I found a solution that some lovely, helpful stranger had very kindly posted on-line and I didn’t give up. Two things to remember!

The next thing to ‘go’ was a wee bit bigger. What was supposed to be a wee, short errand turned into a bit of a bigger issue when my car wouldn’t start. We’ve all been there – that sinking feeling when you turn your key in the ignition and absolutely nothing happens. A big fat zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing happening here. Silence. This time I didn’t go on-line, I rang the lovely AA. In no time at all that AA van was whizzing down my road – well the adjacent road actually but we managed to sort that out – and coming to my rescue! With a hammer. Yes, really, a hammer. And then an escort to the lovely Royal Mile Garage, which incidentally isn’t in the Royal Mile but that’s beside the point really...

The next day, I was ready for a new start and so was my car with a new starter. Done and dusted but not before I’d had a lovely walk home from the garage, away from my desk and in the delightful sunshine. Without that latest disaster, I would have missed seeing a gorgeous blue sky and smelling the freshly cut grass on the verge (having chosen to ignore the traffic fumes).

The point of all this rambling being? I persevered, I didn’t give up and I got results. I looked for the positives and made the best of the situation. I had the flexibility to change my plans and reorganise my workload as necessary. I looked for and asked for help and it came and I got it and the problems were dealt with relatively easily and stress free. I benefitted from the knowledge of a helpful stranger and from the professional competence of the AA switchboard operator and mechanic and the lovely people at my local garage. I got some fresh air and exercise and remembered that I don’t have to be at my desk all the time to produce my best work. Sounds to me like a good way to run a business!

So who do you call when you need a bit of help? If you want someone to produce a video for your business or to show you how to make your own, then let Julie Neilson Media make things easy and stress free for you. I’ll soon get things started for you and I won’t be using a hammer!

Honest. So, the latest thing to ‘go’? My printer. Let’s just say that’s on-going…

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