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Roar! But Only If You Want To!

Lion roaring

Have you ever felt like hiding away?

Keeping a low profile?

Hoping that you can get your business off the ground or grow and expand it without showing your face?

Be honest, do you ever feel even a wee spot of envy when you see all those happy, smiling people confidently selling their wares on-line?

I can assure you, if you do, it's quite normal and you're definitely not alone!

How Brave Do You Need To Be?

So, how brave do you think you need to be to show your face and put yourself out there?

As you're reading this, I'm guessing that you've possibly already set up your own business so, let me ask another question you may, or may not, have already considered.

How brave did you have to be to start your own business in the first place?

There are lots of reasons why people start their own business - money, time, family commitments, work/life balance, job satisfaction... The list goes on.

Likewise, there are lots of reasons why it's a good idea to get yourself out there and show your face and just as many reasons again why people just don't do it!

I get it. I really do.

If you're like me, and many others, there will have been a few (I'm not counting!) times when you've wanted to totally hide away from the world and cocoon yourself in the bubble of home life or working from home.

Sometimes, the world can just feel too busy and you might want to shy away from posting on social media or commenting in groups.

But, you know what? That doesn't really help anyone, does it? It doesn't help you, it doesn't help your business and it certainly doesn't help your clients and customers!

Some People Are Quite Surprised

I want to share with you one of the things I find helps my clients most when they're feeling a bit reluctant about doing video.

I simply tell them, "It's not about you."

Some people are quite surprised when I tell them that!

Sorry, but it's really not about you!

The truth is, doing a video for your business isn't about you. It's not about how you look, how you speak (as long as there are no sound issues!), what you're wearing or that pimple on your chin!

Your video should be all about how you can help your customers or clients.

So, your client or customer is the focus of your video, not you.

Once you fully take this on board, a lot of the pressure can be removed from the whole situation.

Your customer or client wants to know how you can help them, not what colour your top is today. And think how many more people you could reach, and help, if you used video in your business.

Break Yourself In Gently

Remember too, you don't need to start your video ventures by roaring loudly and majestically like a lion. (I don't mean literally roaring by the way although that could be quite amusing - or alarming!)

Don't feel that you need to jump straight into doing Facebook Lives the moment you decide to use video to help your business.

Break yourself in gently.

You could start by recording a few pieces to camera, perhaps based on some of the questions you're most often asked, and use those videos to create a FAQ section on your website or to start your own YouTube channel. (Just a wee idea for you.)

There are actually loads of ways you can use video to help your business and reach more clients and customers.

You can also build up to Facebook Lives if that's what you ultimately want to do.

When you're ready, you can be that majestic lion and proudly ROAR! and let everyone know about you and about your business!

Your Video Ventures

Whatever stage you're at, I wish you lots of fun with your video ventures! (Yes, I did just say FUN!)

And if you need a wee hand with that, you know where to find me! Here's what one happy client had to say about her experience with

Julie Neilson Media:

Click to hear what Jen had to say!

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Or contact me HERE, I'd love to hear from you!

Julie x

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